Genealogy.EU (by Miroslav Marek)

- What you don't find here you won't need it...

An Online Gotha (by Paul Theroff)

- What you don't find on Marek's site, you'll probably find it here.

Henri van Oene's Royal Genealogies Page

- Quite an excellent site, too.

Hein's Royal Genealogy Page (by Hein Bruins)

- Several very, very good descendancy charts.


- A big database like Marek's site, but old-fashioned and the transliteration is far from consistent. Very slow to browse. You may, however, find some details which Marek's otherwise far better database is missing.

Master Index to royal Genealogical Data (by Brian Tompsett)

- For some reason this is a very popular database, but somewhat unreliable and slow to browse.



Royal News

- Started by Hein Bruins and now maintained by Paul Theroff. Here you find the newest information on world royalty.

Hoelseth's Royal Corner

- An excellent link collection.

Russian Royal Links (by Brigitte Gastel-Lloyd)

- Likewise an excellent link collection.

Cyndi's List

- A very popular royalty website.



Rossijskij Imperatorskij Dom

- Still much under construction but contains, for instance, the most important laws related to the Russian Imperial Succession.

Romanov Dynasty WWW Encyclopedia

- A compact encyclopedia of the Romanov Dynasty.

Romanov Timeline - Face to Face with the Czars

- Informative short biographies of the Romanov Rulers.



The Problems of Succession to the Russian Imperial Throne

- A very good article by the Russian Assembly of Nobility.

The Russian Imperial Succession

- By Brien Purcell Horan

The Imperial Succession, Another View

- By Guy S. Sainty

Who is the Rightful Heir to the Russian Throne?

- By Pieter Broek

The Romanov Imperial Dynasty in Emigration

- By Sergey P. Shiskin, translated by R. Konnoff

The Romanoffs and the Bagrations

- By Daniel Sargis



The Romanovs Today

- The Website of The Romanov Family Association.

Royal & Imperial Russia

- Articles, biographies.

Imperial Russian Historical Society

- The name says it.

Russian Assembly of Nobility - Rossijskoe Dvorjanskoe Sobranie

- Contains a very good approach to the succession question.