Wherever possible, the so-called European slavistic ("scientific") transliteration is applied. This system is very similar to the ISO transliteration standard. To avoid diacritics, however, some rules of the Congress Library transliteration have been applied. In order to avoid misunderstanding among those who are used to the very common "Anglo-American" transliteration, the following table may prove useful:


This transliterational aspect should not be a great problem because, after all, if somebody takes serious interest in Russian history and the history of the Romanovs, at least some knowledge of Russian language is needed and necessary. The knowledge of the basics of the cyrillic alphabet can be considered the minimum requirement.

It has always been the webmaster's opinion that if and when we visit the St.Peter and St.Paul Cathedral in Saint-Petersburg to pay our respects to the Romanov imperial family members buried there, we really should be able to tell who rests where.